From Greece to Sweden, the equivalents of craving for new experiences in this rundown come from a wide scope of spots and have slight contrasts in the definition.


Some of the time alluded to as “drifter hypochondria”, dromomania was once a mental finding given to individuals with a staggering craving to walk or meander.

I don’t know I’d at any point consider craving for something new a mental issue!

In any case, I do figure most self-pronounced travel addicts could identify with the profound and marginal urgent desire to take off.


Definition: An exceptional, frenzied, and powerful longing for the opportunity.

Do you feel a significant and enthusiastic inclination to shed the shackles of regular daily existence in return for your freedom?

Indeed, you could be a storeroom “eleutheromaniac”!

Albeit this isn’t really an accurate equivalent for hunger for new experiences, I think there are distinct likenesses. As far as I might be concerned, at any rate, one of the significant advantages of voyaging is the opportunity it offers; it’s what I miss most when I’ve spent too much time in one spot.


Definition: A longing to head off to someplace you’ve never been.

Evidently, it means something like “far misfortune” or “far-infection” in English and is fundamentally something contrary to nostalgia. You long for movement.

However, not just that, you ache for movement to someplace new.

By and by, it’s an idea I figure most travel darlings will know well! You can be at home, some way or another inclination achy to go home for far-off lands you’ve never at any point been to.

Bothersome Feet

Definition: A powerful urge to leave where you are and travel.

This is the exemplary equivalent for craving for new experiences and one I utilize constantly when attempting to portray my desire to take off. I simply love the way clear and loaded with symbolism it is.


Definition: Desiring or looking for a huge change in your life.

Worn out on the ordinary and frantic to break liberated from your common daily practice? Venturing to every part of’s the ideal method to do it!


Definition: The “fretful race of the voyager’s heart” before they go out traveling.

Expressive and elucidating, remember’s another wonderful word for voyagers to hide in their storage!

You’ll encounter it at whatever point you’re pressing your knapsack or bag, your takeoff date’s approaching, or you’re saying goodbye to friends and family at the air terminal.


Definition: An extraordinary yearning for something/somebody that is far off.

This Portuguese word’s difficult to nail down with an immediate interpretation.

Some say saudade’s a feeling of sentimentality or despair. Others characterize it as the “presence of nonappearance”.

In any case, I think it has idyllic echoes of craving for new experiences!

It now and again feels as though my heart throbs for movement. It isn’t in every case simply a question of having irritated feet or wanting to have an experience.

It’s more profound, more emotive, and touched with thoughtfulness as well.


Adhering to the despairing subject briefly, we have another dazzling German travel word, Sehnsucht.

With likenesses to Saudade, it’s portrayed as a “contemplative aching” for something.

I guess this doesn’t need to identify with the movement, yet it appears to be a fitting equivalent word for craving for new experiences… or if nothing else a specific shade of it.

Surely, I’d risk a conjecture that most travel darlings feel this “contemplative yearning” to take off at whatever point they’ve been stuck in one spot for a really long time.


Definition Refers to the delight of having the option to say “to damnation with it”.

Strikhedonia includes all around the web on arrangements of craving for new experiences equivalents and inventive travel words like this. Notwithstanding, as certainly as many individuals appear to discuss it, there’s some question about its credibility as a real word.

The outcome? Stunning and spellbinding for what it’s worth, I’d take it with a spot of salt.

All things considered, I’ll in any case cheerfully save it in my mind as another word for hunger for something new!

As this Reddit post clarifies, “- hedonic” comes from the Greek “hedone”, signifying “joy”, and “strike” comes from “strike”, which signified “to go” in days of yore.

An unpleasant interpretation of strikhedonia, then, at that point, would be “the joy of leaving for someplace new”. Or then again, in everyday terms, the delight of saying “to hellfire with it”.


Definition: The quality or condition agitated.

This specific word for craving for something new isn’t especially creative or idyllic! However, I do believe it’s precise.

As far as I might be concerned, as much as whatever else, hunger for new experiences truly is an inclination of being disrupted.

I have irritated feet. I’m not content. I feel a steady inclination to leave, move, and be someplace, elsewhere other than here.


In investigating this post I before long acknowledged there aren’t all that many astounding equivalents for hunger for new experiences!

There are, notwithstanding, an entire host of magnificent words portraying travel overall.

Here are my #1 travel-related words:


Definition: To make a trip with reason to an obscure objective.


Definition: The state of human thriving. Living admirably. A condition of profound bliss or happiness.


Definition: something contrary to a compulsive worker! A “buggy” or “loafer”. Somebody who moves without reason yet cheerfully, noticing life and its environmental elements.

Traipse (v) (one of my #1 different words for movement)

Definition: To move from one spot to another in search of joy or amusement. The lone arrangement is to meander; to meander in a bid to have a great time.


Definition: A condition of achiness to visit the family or yearning for a home.


Definition: The warm, comfortable inclination you get from investing energy with old buddies and partaking in life’s basic joys.


Definition: Literally “cloud walker”. A whimsical individual! A free thinker who doesn’t comply with society’s average traditions and beliefs.

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